60th Birthday Messages


60th Birthday Messages

May the days that lie ahead
Be filled with happiness and gladness too
For there just couldn’t be anyone
Who deserves it more than you.

The thought of turning sixty,
Might make you feeling blue.
So whether you feel young or old,
Is really up to you.
Happy 60th Birthday!

Although it’s your 60th birthday
Don’t get too excited or make your heart run fast,
Eating a cake should be forgotten or next time could be your last.

It’s your happy 60th birthday 
So take it nice and easy,
And be in bed by eight,
And don’t put on more weight!

It’s your special 60!
You’ll see 100 without a doubt,
Just keep breathing… in and out!
A very happy birthday!

The more you age the more valuable you become.
I think your value is priceless.
Happy 60th Birthday!

I’m happy to report that your
inner child is still ageless.
Happy 60th Birthday!

Old age is like a plane flying through a storm.
Once you’re aboard, there’s nothing you can do.
Happy 60th